MA thesis abstracts 2019

work in progress:

Selina Dieter. Reducing local waterstains on paper: Options and limitations of established and new methods in the context of the treatment of a large-format print.

Cosima Walter. Gilded paper: Inserts and retouching via the example of a Japanese folding screen.

Leonie Müller. Conservation of a giant woodcut „Jan Hus“ from the workshop of Lukas Cranach at the Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum Freiberg. Supported by the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung.

Luise Raab. Great work on a small format. Repair and adulteration of postage stamps.

Natascha Wichmann. Microfibrillated and nano cellulose as repair material for tracing paper. In cooperation with The National Archives in London.